Sustainability of PMMA

Surprisingly sustainable and responsible

Today, COMPAGNIA DEL TABACCO's production focuses on the longevity of its creations by reusing and minimising the consumption of natural materials. It therefore chooses the latest generation of acrylic materials that are environmentally sustainable and come from recycling processes that respect natural resources. One example of this is PMMA Eco-Cast, a cast acrylic material that can be 90 percent recycled and reused.

But in general, PMMA can already be described as a sustainable and responsible material that meets the requirements of the European Green Deal, the action plan that pursues the overarching goal of achieving climate neutrality in Europe by 2050. In the context of the manufacture of objects and the environmental impact of plastics, the unique properties of PMMA can help achieve this goal by enabling people to "do more with less"

Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), the eco-profile of PMMA and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) allow the claim that PMMA offers the best environmental credentials compared to other plastics