Between Art and Design

 Giovanni Patrini’s imprinting

The meeting in 1980 between Compagnia del Tabacco and Giovanni Patrini, a well-known and respected interior and textile designer, gave rise to the production of a first line of "scenic" objects inspired by beauty, even in their use.

A collection that reinterprets the craftsmanship of tobacco leaves through a cultivated and refined language and becomes the symbol of Compagnia del Tabacco, also thanks to the communication campaign by photographer and creative Roberto Freno.

This is just the beginning. From now on, Compagnia del Tabacco's design and production will follow two main guiding principles: the approach of "uncompromising beauty"," i.e. things must please without the economic and commercial aspect interfering; and the thinking and production of objects that follow Fornasetti's definition of "practical madness"," declining into functional objects within everyone's reach.