A historic brand and its rebirth

Founded in Milan in 1979, COMPAGNIA DEL TABACCO has distinguished itself on the market as the Italian brand that has introduced coordinated collections of furnishing accessories, home and table items in PMMA, also embellished with fabrics incorporated into the material, to the world of living. Trays, boxes, placemats, complements and lamps, designed in Milan and made in Italy, have populated the domestic scenario with refined lightness for almost 40 years. Today, the uniqueness of this company, acquired by PKB srl in 2018, is revitalised through a rebranding and the introduction of a more responsible and sustainable production method. Based on the technical know-how and artisan experience of the past, COMPAGNIA DEL TABACCO by PKB today designs and produces design objects, also in PMMA Eco Cast, which in turn are protagonists of contemporary lifestyles and respect the circular economy. Home collections have always been the core business of this brand, which once again knows how to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the thick acrylic material through the uniqueness of its shape and finish.