Milanese soul and creativity

Made in Milan

Geographically speaking, the COMPAGNIA DEL TABACCO was born in Milan and had its first headquarters in a side street of Corso Garibaldi, an old part of the city that at the time was characterized by a dense network of small stores and craft businesses.

In addition to Giovanni Patrini, many other people have contributed to the brand, all of whom have a connection to Milan. Nino Zocche, an architect from Trieste, who designed many items in transparent methacrylate from the 1980s to 2000, and Gigi Marcazzan, a designer from Lombardy, who developed a product line in colored methacrylate in 1990.

But the COMPAGNIA DEL TABACCO family of objects is also enriched by many small contributions from Milanese designers. For example, the ZeTa luminaire by engineer Fabio Marchi, which was awarded a special mention in the international YOUNG & DESIGN 2000 competition, and Stefano Bagnasco himself, author of the yacht line with nautical charts, coat hangers in the shape of the Gassa d'amante and the Gio Gio coffee table.

The Milanese architect Lorenzo Gecchelin, also a Compasso d'Oro ADI, is currently leading the relaunch of the brand and the development of new products as Creative Director.