Matter and Craftsmanship

Methacrylate, fabric and handwork

We are in Milan in the 1980s, when the COMPAGNIA DEL TABACCO series of objects is created in transparent methacrylate, the most versatile and valuable acrylic material as an alternative to glass, which can replace its image and elegance with properties such as lightness, durability and strength.

Unbreakable, practical and easily washable, PMMA makes it possible to expand the brand's range with objects designed for different areas of the home and to bring the COMPAGNIA DEL TABACCO style to outdoor areas.

The discovery of the process that allows fabrics to be incorporated into PMMA gives COMPAGNIA DEL TABACCO the opportunity to be the first company on the Italian market to design new home accessories that combine aesthetics with functionality.

The design and nature of the coordinated homeware for the living and dining areas, understood as table accessories, are constantly evolving by closely following the needs of the market. A protected design by COMPAGNIA DEL TABACCO, with a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic that successfully interprets contemporary tastes and trends.