The large methacrylate sheets with incorporated fabrics and materials are produced with different thicknesses depending on use. In terms of eco-compatibility, pure cast methacrylate has a good percentage of recycled material inside it. The slab processing waste is crushed to return to the recycling market in powder form, and be reused to produce castings. From these processes, therefore, nothing is wasted and thrown away.

The selection of better quality and more durable acrylic is then combined with technologies that do not impact the material, avoiding problems that can lead to defects over time and supporting the concept of an "eternal" object both in terms of unbreakability and the quality of the raw material and workmanship.

Sustainability of PMMA

The European Climate Pact (European Green Deal) is an action plan that has the general objective of achieving climate neutrality in Europe by 2050. In the context of the production of objects and the environmental impacts of plastic materials, Unique properties of PMMA can help achieve this by allowing you to “do more with less”.

The life cycle assessment (LCA), the PMMA Eco-profile and environmental product declarations (EPD) allow us to state that, like the structural integrity of much heavier materials, acrylic is lighter and easier to transport . It can be cold worked with less energy expenditure than other materials such as glass. Thanks to its chemical stability, the quality of objects made with it lasts much longer than many other plastic products.



The choice of fabrics and materials to be incorporated into the methacrylate has always been a fundamental aspect of the creative and manufacturing process of COMPAGNIA DEL TABACCO, made possible thanks to the artisanal workmanship of the specialized Italian workforce, a source of pride and uniqueness of the company.

The desire to offer original aesthetics and the search for new expressive opportunities, captured in different fields, have contributed to creating fabrics that make each object and complement of the brand rich in meaning: with natural textures, such as tobacco leaves, hemp, wool mohair and linen, to the floral ones of plants and fruit, up to the world of nautical and newspapers.