Quality and beauty with no compromise


What COMPAGNIA DEL TABACCO represents is not a style, but the attitude of Milanese understatement of being eclectic with sobriety, practical with elegance.

Since its beginnings, the brand has been able to be proactive, introducing products and artefacts never before seen on the Italian market and also inspiring the milieu of Milanese designers.

Today it is a privileged interlocutor for all those who are looking for objects and furnishings that can complete their domestic and non-domestic spaces with quality accessories.

Whether they have a function or are purely decorative, the products are characterised by simple, well-proportioned shapes that highlight the essentiality of the craftsmanship that shaped them.

With a nod to the past but with a contemporary twist, the new product collections reflect the company's original DNA: quality and beauty without compromise.

Thank you to constant research into materials and technologies that serve the company's craftsmanship, COMPAGNIA DEL TABACCO is able to offer a variety of objects of great aesthetic value and durability, executed with expertise and all-Italian manufacturing.