Continuous evolution

Research and development

Originally, the COMPAGNIA DEL TABACCO collections of PMMA tableware and tableware with interwoven fabric included the lemon, pomegranate and wisteria patterns, taken from Giovanni Patrini's original designs for home and garden textiles.

This was followed by the highly successful line of lace, selected in the simplest and most suggestive embroideries to perfectly combine the brightness, shapes and clarity of the acrylic material.

The production also included an imported line consisting of items made in the Orient but designed in Italy, using tobacco leaves and exotic materials such as coconut and bamboo.

The Pure Transparencies collections, made of transparent and colored PMMA, have never sold out and are on offer again today, using other materials as well.

The subject of the redesign are the iconic pieces such as the Book-Hermaliber or the Brilliant Jewel, which highlight the actual purity of the transparent material, flanked by functional and space-saving home and table accessories.

In the past year, on the occasion of the brand's relaunch, the search for materials has been oriented toward those with characteristics of sustainability and adherence to the criteria of the circular economy, such as cast PMMA Eco-cast, which has a high percentage of recycled material inside it.